Find Us

If you’re coming to visit here’s our address:

The Fleece Station (First floor courtyard)
Old Police Station
114-116 Amersham Vale
SE14 6LG

Here’s a picture to help you find your way around:

The best way to get to our studio is via the side gate on Napier Close. Then it’s up the first lot of stairs you come to and there we are.

And here’s a map:

3 Responses to Find Us

  1. Dear Fleecey Ones

    My name is David and I’m an animator/illustrator.

    Im moving to south London in the new year and am searching for some office space. I happened across a tweet from Scott McCloud and found you guys. Having read your blog and researched the kind of work you guys are doing, I figured I’d enquire if there’s any room at the inn?

    No worries if not, keep up the sterling work and season bleetings!


    David Ramsbottom

  2. Hi David! Thanks for popping by and thinking of us. No room at the Fleece Station I’m afraid 😦

    Check here though for info on the rest of the Old Police Station:

    There’s info on spare space if you root around (click on “studios”).

    Best wishes


  3. Yes, there’s often studios available in the other rooms in the building! Do get in touch with the coordinator.

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