Londonist Out Loud features the Fleece Station!


Hurrah! We’re big fans of Londonist Out Loud on Twitter, and it was great to get a visit from the host of Londonist Out Loud podcasts, N Quentin Woolf! He wouldn’t let us take a picture of him, but here you can see his beautifully anonymous hand, interviewing Lauren, otherwise known as the infamous Deadly Knitshade, founder of graffiti knitting collective Knit the City and the Stitch London knitting group.


Click here to go listen to the podcast! Go on!

You can also download it here on iTunes.

We had a good laugh, and occasionally strayed into dodgy territory and dangled there for awhile until Mr Woolf pulled us back into the fold. The podcast focuses very much on our relationship with London; in part of our interview, we talk about clubbing together to buy a box of old letters and photographs at Deptford Market:


We spent ages sorting through the box, a fascinating pile of clues about a love story between an RAF officer named Geoffrey Saunders, stationed at one point in Southern Rhodesia, and his fiancée in Bromley, Julia Ferrill.


We love the old envelopes with all their markings:


We’re pretty sure this is Julia (Gary mentions her distinctive eyebrows) and Geoffrey and Julia when they’re young, but we’re not quite as sure if that’s them when they’re old (but we hope so).


The letters are awfully romantic. I hope the three of us get a chance to do more research into them, we feel slightly awed to have such an amazing little piece of history.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

And, of course, we mentioned the books we’re working on, which you can learn about on our individual websites. Thanks for interviewing us, Londonist Out Loud!


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One Response to Londonist Out Loud features the Fleece Station!

  1. sole says:

    Oooh nice! Will listen to this later! That Deptford Market looks certainly tempting. I suppose there aren’t guided tours to the Fleece Station, right? 🙂

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