the holiday patter of little hooves

Hello! All three of us here have been drawing and knitting our hooves to little nubs these past few months, but we wanted to share some Fleece Station festive cheer!

Be warned: this cheer isn’t always sweet and cosy. Lauren‘s new Christmas wreath will BITE OFF YOUR FACE.


And Gary‘s revelers know no bounds:


Sarah‘s been drawing so many sea monkeys for Oliver and the Seawigs that they’ve invaded every corner of the studio and are putting on their own Christmas play. (See how she made the print over on her blog.)


So what else have we been up to? Well, Lauren’s just launched her brand-new book, Stitch New York, a follow-up to her successful Stitch London. Read all about it over on her blog! A handmade Holly Golightly? A woolly Woody Allen!


squidboxSarah made this little tribute card to Lauren’s amazing knitted phone box on Trafalgar Square, part of the BT Artbox project. Read about it here!

If you were listening to BBC Radio 4 at the right moment, you would have heard its presenters and Emma Kennedy squeeing over a tiny knitted version of Sarah Lund, star of Danish crime series The Killing. Guess who designed little Sarah? Yup, Ms Deadly Knitshade herself. (Details here.)


Gary’s been busy, too! Besides his regular comic strips for The Phoenix and National Geographic Kids magazine, he managed to finish his book with Walker Books, Teenytinysaurs. The little critters launch this spring and wow, they are such good fun! Find out more on Gary’s blog. Congratulations, Gary!


And are you subscribed to The Phoenix Comic? We can’t imagine that you would want to miss the wonderful comic strip that is Gary’s Garden. Do it, subscribe now! They even have a special gift pack, perfect for a Christmas prezzie for comic-loving adults or kids aged 7 and up.


What else is happening at the Fleece Station? About a month ago, we had a visit from lovely former Fleece Officer Ellen Lindner, who was launching the comics anthology magazine she co-edits, The Strumpet. We celebrated with bubble tea (standard Fleece Station procedure).


And lots of film crews. Gary and Sarah have both been filmed for various things, but Lauren seems to live on telly these days.

fleece_pressxmas12_seamonkey_book_clr Sarah continues to work on her picture books for David Fickling and Scholastic, and her chapter books with Oxford University Press, including Oliver and the Seawigs, which launches next autumn. She posts updates of her artwork over on her blog fairly frequently, so do keep visiting!

A very happy Christmas to you from The Fleece Station! May your stocking overflow with comics and knitted goodness.

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