The comics world clamours to help Save The Dandy!

Here at The Fleece Station it’s action stations as news that British comics institution The Dandy is heading for the finish line. Does this mean its all over for British comic kind? Pah!

The Dandy is just one example of the fantabulous comics still being produced in the UK, and us Fleece Stationers are proud to be a part of it.

This morning Gary rocked the comics cause by appearing on Sky News, with the marvellous Paul Gravett to reassure the world that comics are alive and well.

Click on the picture to watch the thrilling interview

Lookit! Gary is on the telly box!

Gary is proof that children’s comics are very much alive and stomping through the world of kids’ reading. He produces comic strips for National Geographic Kids and The Phoenix regularly, and his Teeny Tinysaurs book coming out with Walker Books next Spring shows that comics are far from extinct!

The Phoenix, a weekly UK comic full of amazing art and stupendous stories, is all kinds of awesome. How we love The Phoenix.

Alex Milway, who can often be seen hanging about The Fleece Station stealing biscuits, also gave comics a boost with his comics-chapter book mash ups in his Mythical Ninth division yeti books:

Fleece Station friend Jamie Smart, scribbler of the revamped and really rather marvellous Desperate Dan has also popped up over at The Guardian to write all about it, and there’s an excellent Dandy post over on his Fumboo blog too. Go Jamie!

Jamie Smart’s Desperate Dan dangles a cow. How can anyone not want to read that?

The mo-bot making Neill Cameron had a go at drawing Dan and has a few things to say over on his blog too:

Neill’s Dan hefts a HUGE cow pie

I don’t draw comics myself but I spent many years as a tiny Knitshade hidden behind a pile of my Dad’s mountain of The Dandy and The Beano comics reading away. I love comics to death and so does Cooey the Pigeon.

Cooey will eat a whole cow pie if the Dandy is saved

Sarah scribbled her very own Desperate Dan too. He seems to be taking the news very badly indeed…

Read Sarah’s blog post over at Jabberworks. Go on.

Dan is not a happy cowboy

And it’s not just us Fleecers championing the cause! The Dandy is trending over on Twitter too!

The Dandy is trending on Twitter! #saveTheDandy

How can you help? If you love British comics as much as we do then show your love where people can see! Use the #saveTheDandy hashtag on Twitter. Support The Dandy page on Facebook.

You can even Draw Your Own Dan. Folks are picking up their pens, pencils, paintbrushes and pointy sticks to create their own cow-pie-munching marvel:

Grant Perkins’ Desperate Dan pops up on Twitter

Andy Fanton's Dan gets a little lift

Andy Fanton’s Dan gets a little lift

Post them on Twitter with the #saveTheDandy hashtag for us all to see. Go on.

And above all GO OUT AND BUY COMICS! Do it! Without them the world would be a much less fabulous place. Dammit!

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