The Seawigs are coming!

Here at the Fleece Station we are big fans of wigs. You can often see us down Deptford Market rummaging through a box of second hand hair-pieces giggling manically to ourselves.

fleece station wigs

And there have been a few wig-based incidents in Fleece Station history too (some we would rather forget).

Gary - queen of the wig

So we’re thrilled to announce the release of more fictional wigs into the wild, as Sarah teams up with our Fleece Station friend, Philip ‘would look excellent in a giant blonde curly wig’ Reeve to create four fantabulous new books for Oxford University Press.

Ladies and gents, the Seawigs are coming! Woo hoo!

McIntyre, Reeve and monkey madnes

Read all about it over on Sarah’s blog, and read even more about it over at Philip’s blog too.

Seawigs will be the first of the four books, and is published in the autumn of 2013. So you have a little while to wait, but check back here for more news as the books are conjured up. And more wigs, obviously.

Wigs. We love 'em.

And in other news a group of Portsmouth University students – Ryan McBride, Matthew Freeman Carter, Mitchell Jackson, Dale Bennett and Steven Ellis at 32RunProduction, have made a video about our studio!

I really wish I’d worn a wig that day. Or at least combed my hair. Anyway, grab your popcorn and witness! You can probably watch it a million times while you wait for Seawigs to come out.

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