Cooey loves The Phoenix: Issues 2 and 3

Cooey the Pigeon is a bird of good comics taste. She gets in a flap every time a new issue of The Phoenix drops through the door.

Here’s what she likes best about Issues 2 and 3. Straight from the knitted pigeon’s beak…


Hooray! It’s Gary’s Garden by Fleece Stationer Gary Northfield! Gary is the first Fleece Stationer to have a strip in The Phoenix, and may Cooey say it’s the best strip EVER! (She just did)

Cooey admits to being a little traumatised by how much goes wrong in Patrice Agg‘s Blimpville. But this pigeon-based attack made her giggle mischievously.

The spooky tale of The Whistling Ghost freaked Cooey out so much she had to nest in my pocket for a whole hour. Thanks John Dickinson (writer) and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (drawing person and Fleece Station chum).

Cooey loved Ghost Ant by Fleece favourite Dave Shelton. She wants to befriend him and take him to anger management (the ant, not Dave).

Chris Riddell rules. Cooey says so.


Cooey was all aflutter at the crazy action in this week’s Pirates of Pangea (by Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron). She demands her own dinosaur.


This is Cooey’s favourite panel from Star Cat (by James Turner) this week. She laughed so hard her beak nearly fell off.

Cooey envies Castanett from the Etherington BrothersLong Gone Don. He has an excellent hat. Though she still has no idea where Don has actually gone…

Dave Shelton‘s A Boy, a Bear and a Boat is Cooey’s favourite nesttime reading at the moment. She loves that people got a sneak of the story in The Phoenix but also thinks you should all buy the book. It really is very lovely

If the idea of an infinite supply of peanut butter sarnies wasn’t fabulous enough for Cooey, Adam Murphy‘s The Peanut-Butter Princess was so funny she very near exploded. Cooey gives this one two wings up (as she has no thumbs and only two wings).


That’s your lot. Two issues of The Phoenix shown some love by the world’s most infamous knitted pigeon.

Laugh your own beak off by subscribing to The Phoenix over at their website. Or look out for it in Waitrose stores and independent comic shops (like Gosh).

Cooey will peck her faves from Issue 4 very soon…

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