Cooey loves The Phoenix: Issues 0 and 1

Unless you’ve been hiding under a comic-proof rock for the last couple of months you’ll know that a fabulous new comics creature has been hatched. Something The Fleece Station are very excited about.

The Phoenix is a shiny new story comic featuring comic strips (obviously), puzzles, competitions, and things to do. It also features stuff by some of our lovely comics friends and some people we don’t know very well (yet). And there’s Gary’s ‘Gary’s Garden’ strip and very soon a strip by Sarah too! Woo hoo!

Last month we all went along to the official launch (which you can read all about on Sarah’s blog) to celebrate The Phoenix taking flight.

Cooey the Pigeon, my tiny fibre-feathered sidekick, also came along. We loved the comic so much we subscribed as soon as we got home.

In fact Cooey is so in love with The Phoenix love she’s decided to pick out her very favourite bits each week and post them here on the Fleece Station blog.

We’re a little behind so here are Issues 0 and 1 all in one go! Take it away, Cooey!

Issue 0

Woo hoo! Dino-pirate win! Pirates of Pangea, drawn by Fleece Station friend Neill Cameron and written Daniel Hartwell. Cooey wants to be a pteranodon now. Sigh.

Cooey cannot begin to tell you how much she hearts Star Cat by James Turner (another Fleece Station amigo). Her coos of laughter can be heard miles away.

Learn to draw comics with a monkey in a hat. Fabulous. (Cooey fails to notice she’s a doofus. Hee hee.)

Spooky comics goodness. Cooey enjoyed Silk Roads: The Apprentice, drawn by John Welding and written by Ben Haggarty, very much indeed.

Cooey’s brain may be fairly small but she is a big fan of learning. Corpse Talk‘s Adam Murphy interviewed the skeleton of Amelia Earhart. Very inspiring stuff.

Issue 1

Oh Bunny vs Monkey by Mr Jamie Smart (another Fleece Station friend). Cooey thinks your comic is awfully coo-l. It did make her a bit shouty after reading though. Monkey influence.

The little Lucie strip by Fleece Station pal Simone Lia is ever so very lovely and reminds Cooey of her time in the nest with her own siblings.

Wowzers. Look at the feathers on Silk Roads: The Golden Feather, drawn by Fleece Station chum Garen Ewing this time. Cooey is now demanding we cover her in glitter glue.

You might miss Planet of Shapes by the mysterious Ricardo Tangle as it’s a teeny tiny strip but it’s so funny Cooey fell off her perch several times reading it.

So there we have it. Two issues of The Phoenix get a feathered thumbs up (if she had thumbs) from Cooey the Pigeon (who you can also follow of Twitter).

If you fancy seeing for yourself you can subscribe to The Phoenix over at their website. Or look out for it in Waitrose stores and independent comic shops too.

More of Cooey’s favourites coming soon…

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