Deptford on film

One of Deptford's long-term residents

We love the area of Deptford (and some of the less scary bits of New Cross during daylight hours) where our little Fleece Station lives, but sometimes it’s hard to explain to people just how much there is to do here and what makes it so fantabulous.

Lucky for us the good folks at Goldsmiths have made a video to show you around. It’s got some of our favourite folks and places in it too. There’s Deptford Market where we buy all manner of odd things from wigs and telescopes to ships in bottles and billiard balls; the brilliant Bearspace Gallery; Panda Panda where we slurp our bubble tea; the Deptford Project where we stuff our faces with excellent cake in an old train carriage; and The Big Red, a double decker pizza bus.

Well, making comics and crafty stuff is hungry work!

Cast your peepers over the film, or better still come and see it for yourself.

Huge woolly hugs to the lovely Deptford Dame for the link. You rock.

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4 Responses to Deptford on film

  1. Oh wow, thanks for posting that, Lauren! There are so many people we know there! Julia Alvarez, right at the start, who used to help run the House gallery with me and runs Bearspace, and Jayne’s daughter Rebecca, who runs the Rail Carriage, and Van and Grace at Panda Panda… We really must visit the Pizza Bus sometime.

  2. Coo, thanks for the woolly hugs. Right back at ya! And Sarah’s right, the pizza bus is calling yoooouu…!!

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