The Strumpet – The Newest Comic From The Fleece Station

Cover for Strumpet Issue 1

Deptford News Flash! Fleece Station stalwart Ellen Lindner is working to create The Strumpet, a brand-new comic showcasing work by ace women cartoonists in the US and UK – and you can help make it a reality!

The Strumpet is now accepting pre-orders via the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter. For $10/£6.50 you can get your very own signed copy of the Strumpet plus some swank extras, mailed to you anywhere in the world. The site takes payment through Amazon Payments – if you don’t already have an account it’s a doddle to set up.

Artists involved in this issue include Kripa Joshi, Tanya Meditzky, Patrice Aggs, Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, and of course Ellen Lindner.

Curious? Take a video tour of this issue, or visit our website for some stunning sample art.

Here’s a quick look at Ellen’s story:


Thanks for reading! And may the Strump be with you.

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