Time Out Plarchie

I got to draw our fabulous-yet-ferocious studio squid, Plarchie, into Time Out Kids! Go have a look, it’s in the summer edition, with loads of great ideas about what to do with the little squids in and around London. And of course, Plarchie has his own blog, Squid-o-rama.

Here’s the front cover, which states that this city is MINE.


*Laughs maniacally*

I had so much fun with this commission, I got to draw a whole bunch of my favourite things about London.

Of course, it had to include a reference to our fave local Deptford cafe, Panda Panda, where we at the Fleece Station buy our bubble tea.

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One Response to Time Out Plarchie

  1. Beagle Baiter says:

    You should make that into a POSTER.

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