Has our studio mate lost her head?

Not quite, but she’s orbiting absolutely enormous boxes of yarn, all part of her project to create the world’s largest handmade Stitched Solar System, to go on display at London’s Science Museum. (You can read all about it over on the Stitch London website here.)

We got to see Lauren on her fancy retro knitting machine, but it was rather more complicated than she was expecting.

We’ve had a lot of stitched goodness arriving at the Fleece Station! Here are Gary and Sarah drooling over a giant McKnitties digestive biscuit and a Jammy Dodger, handcrafted by one Sarah Kerry in Beckenham. Yummy yum!

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2 Responses to Has our studio mate lost her head?

  1. Hilarious image of our very own Ms. O’Farrell with large grey planetary mass for a head. Yesterday, she posted something about “INFLATABLE INNARDS” for the planets and I nearly exploded! Whatever will that girl do next?…And will poor Mr. Northfield EVER be able to leave his desk? It looks liked he has been …erm…hemmed in…by the stitch-tastic contributions to the British Science Museum’s soon to be exhibit…and that scary looking, knit-O-matic in the foreground. I love you people. I really do.

  2. Awwwwwww. We love you back, Blue Pom Girl.
    Gary will never escape. MWA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!


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