Ellen and Sarah take on North America!

Nothing says love like farmer’s market fresh caramel popcorn…ta Stephen!

Woo! It’s been a crazy two weeks, with Sarah and Ellen hitting two major US indie comics shows – MoCCA and Stumptown – in two crazy weekends! Friend of the Fleece Cliodhna Lyons was a fantastic tablemates – and thanks to Stephen Betts for taking the lion’s share of these pictures!

Cliodhna, Sarah and Ellen – looking awesome despite the jetlag!

First stop, the excellent Drink and Draw Like a Lady, organized by the wonderful Lucy Knisley. If you’re ever in NYC, you need to check out 192 Books – there will be many, many books you’ll want to get your paws on!

Here’s Ellen with the very accomplished author of Dolltopia, and fellow Angouleme denizen, Abby Denson.

As Ellen’s mom would say, you need to eat. And here are Sarah, Cliodhna, Ellen and Sarah’s good school friend Rose Jung, getting a pre-con meal at Manhattan’s Lyric Diner. Thank you, Lyric, for the salmon bagel big enough so that the second half became a lucky Fleecer’s lunch. Yum!

Sarah putting the finishing touches on the table…

At MoCCA you never know who you’re going to meet. Here’s Swedish comics star Joanna Hellgren, part of the group brought over by the excellent Editions Cambourakis. Ellen’s husband Stephen’s done some translations of her comics – they’re amazing! Also in attendance were some delegates from Germany’s Reprodukt press, along with a massive Scandinavian contingent – not to mention the fab fellows from Accent UK. It’s great how truly international MoCCA is.

Calvin Reid, Gabrielle Bell, Joe Ollmann, Pascal Girard and Leslie Stein after their thoughtful panel – Almost True, about semi-autobiographical work. Calvin is such a great MC – he moves the conversation along wonderfully. And these guys had so much great stuff to say about the tricky process of turning your life into a comics narrative. Leslie’s book, Eye of The Majestic Creature, is out now from Fantagraphics. Highly recommended!

Here we have Sweaterweather and Robot Dreams author Sara Varon getting interviewed, perhaps in a leadup to her new book from First Second, Bake Sale. Sara let us take a peek, and it is INCREDIBLE! Full color, and an absolute must for anyone who likes baking, boxing, travel, or just plain wonderful comics. It’s out later this summer.

The Fleece Station loves New York, because you never know what you’ll see. Stephen and Ellen popped along to a yarn shop to buy a gift for Ellen’s mother, and where they were treated to huge knitted space diorama with this guy as the centerpiece!

Here’s a glimpse of the frankly terrifying Multnomah Falls, the second-tallest waterfall in the US of A. Guess who got to walk up to the tippy-top – AIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

And on to beautiful Portland!

In a touch befitting its status as the Stumptown festival hostelry, the Jupiter Hotel had chalkboard doors. Sarah left this super-cool drawing for Ellen! Thanks, Sarah! (For a good time, indeed! 🙂 )

Here’s the Stumptown table setup. The night before the ladies had been at the Guapo Comics and Coffee pre-con party. A great opportunity to catch up with local comics pals and see some amazing art! Portland has so many great comix shops – it’s pretty amazing.

Our table standee…

An inspiring sight! Molly Crabapple labored away on a piece of original art for the entirety of the show.

Portland’s excellent Floating World Comics, now the ONLY place in North America you can buy the Comix Reader!
Get in, Portlanders – get in!

Stephen and Ellen met up with amazing local cartoonists Matt Sundstrom and Jen Sorenson for one last night out…and then it was goodbye, Portland! Everyone was very sad to leave.

Many thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at both shows, and to the New Yorkers and Portlandians for their hospitality. Each festival was an adventure! Ellen particularly enjoyed exploring the Pacific Northwest for the first time…what an amazing place!

See you back in London…

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One Response to Ellen and Sarah take on North America!

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks so much for coming to the USA, Ellen. It was a great pleasure meeting all of you. Love my signed collection of books from all of you, too, (enjoying Undertow now.) So glad you enjoyed your stay in Oregon. I hope you, and more Brits in the future, will visit the Portland show. Very nice, and rare treat.

    And thanks for making my very first comic book festival, a very enjoyable one.

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