Put a monster wig on it!

Today we Fleecies are dressing up! It’s all about MONSTERVILLE, a real-life, 3-D monster village that Sarah’s designing with children’s book creators Neal Layton and Ed Vere for the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford, northeast London. Monsterville will have its own stylish boutique in the centre of town, and of course, her studio is helping her model the latest creations.

Feel free to try out some of our fine hairpieces! (You’ll need to know some basic Photoshop, or phone a friend.) If you could just mention Monsterville somewhere on your blog post, Facebook profile photo or what have you, (and possibly link it) that would make some little monsters very happy.

Click on individual wigs for larger sizes

Monsterville opens on May 28th and runs til next March at the Discover centre. We are having WAY too much fun. Right, moving on to design monster ice-cream floats.

Post a link to your wig picture in the comments, if you like. We’d love to see it! 😀

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