Fleece Station frenzy

AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! is the word of the moment at the Fleece Station this month as every last Fleece Officer is working like crazy. What are we all up to? Why have we been so quiet? Are we still alive?

Here’s a little peek into the eye of the Fleece Station storm…

Sarah’s Spaghetti Mountain

Sarah has been painting, scribbling, painting and still managing to drop in a workshop or two in between even more painting. She’s up to her eyeballs in the wonder that will be You Can’t Eat a Princess 2 (working title) for Scholastic UK and is making lovely pictures at an alarming rate.

Sarah's watercoloury world

From the look of things it’s going to be jaw-droppingly yummy to look at, and funny too as Gillian Rogerson is writing the words again. Woot!

Princess on wheels

She also invites you all down to Monsterville, a monstrous event in Stratford’s Discover Centre on May 27.

The amount of hard work Sarah has been doing has somewhat affected her sanity, as anyone who was lucky enough to witness her late-night internet singing the other day will know.

Ellen’s Comix Collusus

Ellen’s been beavering away at the keyboard of late, working on her words for a project for comics king Paul Gravett.

She’s also been proudly touting the fabulous Comix Reader, “a fab 24 page just-about-full-color newspaper comic published by a collective of UK artists led by Mr. Richard Cowdry.” Ellen is in it with tons of other lovely comics folks. You can buy a copy – one shiny British pound, plus shipping – from her Etsy shop.

Ellen's pile of papery fun

She whipped up a rather lovely illustration for film magazine Electric Sheep.

She’s also been hunting down London’s loveliest tea, and teaming up with the Fleece Station favourite Barnaby Richards over at their Art History Dropouts blog. Phew.

Gary’s Gargantuan Dinopile

Gary’s gone all pre-historic scrawling through time to the days when giant lizards ruled the earth with his upcoming book for Walker.

Gary does dino madness

And he’s keeping it caveman with his brand new shiny online comic, Burp the Caveman. Yay!


Derek hasn’t been forgotten. He’s still in the BeanoMax once a month and there are rumours Derek may be treading the boards in his very own stage play very soon. God help us all!

And you can poke around in the comicy goodness Gary finds online by stumbling over to his Tumblr Comic Scrapbook.

Lauren Lovely Book Bonanza

As for me I’m Snoopy-dancingly thrilled to have my very first book out. It’s released on the 26 Feb and it’s in German! Knit the City: Maschenhaft Seltsames (published by Hoffmann Und Campe) is the first edition of my graffiti knitting madness in one marvellous book. A UK version is ever so close to being announced so stand by for more news.

We’re having a crazy yarnstorming book launch in Berlin on March 5. Join us!

My shelf dwellers check out my new book

I’ve also had a bit of squid success as Plarchie, my 8-metre knitted squid has gone viral and is popping up all over the internet. He’s just appeared on Boing Boing! Wahey!

Plarchie and his friend Darwin

I’ve been doing the graffiti knitting impossible too. My fabulous Knit the City team and I yarnstormed Piccadilly Circus for Valentine’s Day and managed to gift Eros a little love with our Hubbub of Hearts.

Eros and his heartstring

And I’m also working on another top secret book too. It’ll be out this Autumn and it is going to be all kinds of brilliant. I wish I could tell you all now. Sigh.

Even Baaarnaby our guard sheep is feeling the pressure.

Baaarnaby goes cockney

So that’s it for us Fleece Stationers. We’re busy. We’re slightly stressed. But we’re still here. Please come and bring us cake. We need it.

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