Christmas at The Fleece Station!

We started the evening with Secret Santa swapping. With our £4 limit, the Deptford pound shop owners were heady with the excitement of such increased sales.

After prezzies, we retired to our favourite local pub, The Dog & Bell, where the fab landlords Eileen and Charlie put on a special dinner just for us!

Here’s the whole Fleece Station gang from early days: Viviane Schwarz, loyal patron Stuart Pyle, co-writer David O’Connell (who loves us but has to write at home because we give him a headache with all our banging around), Ellen, Lauren, Gary,  animator Martin Lye (who formerly worked upstairs and was the recipient of many projectiles coming through his window) and Martin’s fab girlfriend Hannah (who finds our Deptford setup a slight contrast from her proper job in Canary Wharf).

Eileen even gave us crackers! Here’s Sarah and Viv thought this was brilliant.



Lauren and Gary inspect their cracker treasure.










Fleece Station friend Noëlle Davies-Brock had to work late at the V&A, but showed up just in time to get a personalised cat Christmas card from Viviane. Hurrah!

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