The Freeze Station

By ‘eck it’s nippy out. The world outside The Fleece Station is utterly covered in lovely, lovely snow. Woo hoo!

Just outside the studio our guard sheep, Baaarnaby is constantly whining about the big freeze.

It's brass monkeys out here! Brr!

But even though our toes are getting frostbitey we can’t complain. Just look at how lovely the Old Police Station is under its snowy garments.

The snowy rooftops and several rather upset looking plants that may not see spring

The steps up to the Fleece Station door are pretty icy. Fear not! We regularly sprinkle a bit of ice-killing salt on them to make our ascents and descents a bit less perilous (unless you’re a slug in which case you might want to try one of the walls).

Icy steps of dooooom

And the Fleece Station now has a brand-new fridge! Mother Nature rules!

Mmm ice fresh...

Inside the studio it isn’t as toasty warm as we’d like it. Gloves, hot-water bottle foot warmers, mugfuls of steaming tea and chocolate, and many wool-based garments are being shown off to keep us cosy.

Lucky for us there’s a lot of yarny stuff about. Including this HUGE mountain of yarn that arrived from the good folks Hoopla Yarns for the Stitch London Christmas Shindig raffle (to which you’re all invited should you wish to party yarny this Christmas. Non-knitters welcome).


Fernando the Finger-fighting Squid scales the yarn mountain


Even my ferocious tiger chair is feeling the cold.

How undignified

Hopefully it’ll warm up soon. But until it does we’ll keep on scribbling and stitching to keep the frostbite at bay.

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