It’s a sign!

The Old Fleece Station

Us Fleece Officers have been at The Fleece Station for a while now. Gary and Sarah first hatched our fleecey home with the lovely cat-creating Viviane Schwarz in 2009.

In May 201o Viv hung up her Fleece Officer badge (we miss you Viv!) and Ellen and I (who had been lurking at the Fleece Station on occassion) moved our mess in and became official Fleece Officers. Woo hoo!

Time passed, we busied ourselves with work, work and more work, we made more mess, and during this time tragedy struck when our original Fleece Station blog was eaten by web gremlins (grrrrrrr!).

Then one fine September day Sarah announced that our messy manor was to be featured in Artist and Illustrators Magazine. Yay!

Umm… hang on. They’re bringing a camera. AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tidy! Damn you, tidy!

The whirlwind began with the conjuring up of a brand-new Fleece Station sign. We all created a sign sheep:

Sarah's finely brushed Vern

Ellen's elegantly daubed Petunia

Gary's painty Derek

My gluey Baaatholomew

Manly drilling then ensued. Gary was the only one with a drill so he got to be the man.

Man make hole in wall

My little red Converse double as a vice

Up a bit, dooooooown a bit, up a bit more


Ever the perfectionist

A few finishing touches

A little stitched sheep installation

Hurrah! The outside of the Fleece Station was presentable.

Please amuse yourself while we clean up the innards.

*hold music*

We’re reaaaaady. Come in!

Ascend the staircase. Try to ignore the slight wobble...

Admire the shiny new Fleece Station sign from below


Don’t give the sheep money. He will spend it on frivolities.

Ahhhh! Ellen’s calm and ordered desk of arty goodness

Oooo! Sarah’s sassy corner of monster madness

Squeeeee! My tiger-chaired domain and Gary’s ink-spattered space

A small flock of fire safety pigeons and shiny badge portraits in case people forget what we look like

So there you have it. Possibly the tidiest the studio will ever be.

You’d better go now. We’re not sure how much longer we can contain the mess.

Thanks for visiting. 🙂

You can see the Artist and Illustrators interview here on Sarah’s blog. My, but The Fleece Station looks fine.

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5 Responses to It’s a sign!

  1. jafagirls says:

    congratulations on the wonderful article, and I LOVE your studio space, it looks happily cluttered in a orderly way, I think 🙂

    cheers from jafabrit in yellow springs, ohio

  2. jafagirls says:

    ps. love the name fleece station.

  3. Simon Tofield says:

    I love the fact you can tell all the different characters by their work stations. I also love all the creativity ouzing out of that room, It looks a very fun place to work!

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